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Index Worker

Discover / Crawl / Index health check

By monitoring crawl and index rate trends, it is possible to analyze where issues exist in DCIR. Especially for medium to large sites, this can lead to the discovery of issues that have a significant impact on business growth. With Amethyst's Index Worker, crawl and index health checks can be performed regularly and easily.


Search Analytics

Rank / Query / Click health check

The default Search Console allows you to review queries and URLs separately, but many SEOs may find this inconvenient as there is no way to combine and analyze them together. It is possible to export the data for analysis, but the setup and management can be cumbersome, and performing trend analysis is not easy. With Amethyst Search Analytics, you can easily create an environment where you can analyze specific query groups (e.g., brand searches) and URL groups (e.g., product pages only) by grouping them together.

Please refer to Introduction to Search Interaction Model (DCIR-QCLS) on the JADE Blog for information on the DCIR-QCLS analysis framework.


Solo For SEOs at startups focusing on a single service.

$120 / Month or $99 / Month with annual subscription Save $252 per year

1 Workspace

1 User

1 Index Worker

1 Search Analytics

1 Search Console Property

In-House For in-house SEO teams. Plan for creating multiple projects within a single organization.

$300 / Month or $275 / Month with annual subscription Save $300 per year

1 Workspace

15 Users

15 Index Workers

30 Search Analytics

5 Search Console Properties

Agency For small agencies. Plan for creating multiple projects within three organizations.

$300 / Month or $275 / Month with annual subscription Save $300 per year

3 Workspaces

5 × 3 Users

5 × 3 Index Workers

10 × 3 Search Analytics

5 × 3 Search Console Properties

Business For large companies and agencies. Various customizations are possible.

from $1,900 / Month

Custom Workspaces

Custom Users

Custom Index Workers

Custom Search Analytics

Custom Search Console Properties


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