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Improve your website’s SEO with Amethyst

About Us


Making the weba better place

We provide consulting and tools for web products with a focus on natural growth and integrity.

Amethyst Features

Index Worker

Easily check index status automatically over time.

Index Worker is easy to set up and lets you visualise the status of the site’s crawling and indexing by Google. These two phases are important steps in enabling your site rank better on search engines. Just by entering the URL of your XML sitemap or RSS feed, it lets you easily check crawl and index status over time.

DCIR, QCLS at Amethyst

Search Analytics

Dive deep into search analytics data.

Amethyst Search Analytics visualizes how your site is performing within search engines, letting you chase important metrics like impressions and clicks over time for query-url pairs. It automatically gives alerts if there is a significant rank drops for query-url pairs.


Plan Solo Team Business
Price ¥12,600 / month
¥13,860 (tax included)
¥36,000 / month
¥39,600 (tax included)
from ¥198,000
Search Console Properties 5 10 over 100
Users 1 5 Basically unlimited
Recommended for Limited plan for startups and sole proprietors. Normal plan for mid-size or larger companies. Plans for companies with multiple services or for client work.

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